Guarantee supply chain security and integrity
Securing supply chains against risks like theft, terrorism, smuggling, and maintaining brand integrity and product safety is extremely difficult for businesses engaged in worldwide trade.

Digitally networked operations give life to crucial skills that enable knowledgeable, timely decisions and improve supply chain visibility.
Zerio is the first cloud-based compliance platform that enables manufacturers, importers, exporters, and carriers to implement and manage international supply chain security programs by interconnecting their business partners, unlocking unparalleled visibility over external risks, threats and vulnerabilities. Designed to meet the program requirements for CTPAT, PIP and OEA, our software enables real-time visibility by using an integrated set of tools built to streamline compliance, evidence collection, risk management and audits.

A modern approach to compliance and operations

Unified Controls
Leverage one set of common controls across programs to streamline gap analysis and easily identify compliance gaps between your organization, your business partners and industry standards.
Streamline Compliance
Manage all program requirements, controls and evidence in one place. Map a control to multiple regulatory standards and re-use evidence across multiple programs and controls, reducing time to compliance. Integrate new or updated regulations to ensure your organization stays compliant with the changing regulatory landscape.
Team Assignments
Assign controls to individuals or teams; each responsible for collecting evidence and testing the control.  And it’s simple to re-assign controls when people shift around.
Business Partner Management
Automate workflows for requesting, submitting, and reviewing  questionnaires and aggregate details to create a central inventory to track all your business partners. Create custom assessments or utilize pre-built templates to perform vendor assessments. Simplify decision-making with in-platform recommendations and track mitigation efforts to demonstrate program improvement.
Evidence Collection
Consolidate evidence requests across controls and program requirements. Convert your current paper checklists or Excel spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes. Our template forms library makes it easy to create customized forms for any industry or asset type.
Real-time Audits
Track the progress of your audit plan, stay on top of key findings, and monitor the status of your action plans. Manage evidence, documentation, and review comments remotely with your auditor or Supply Chain Security Specialist over our integrated, secure, and reliable video platform.
Compliance requirements change at a rapid pace.

Zerio will provide  the efficiency, connectedness, and visibility you need to stay ahead of today’s dynamic risk environment.

Ready to elevate your security assurance and compliance?